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Explain your symptoms to our chatbot Clara, she will ask you some simple questions to understand your concerns.

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Clara will find the most probable conditions based on your symptoms using the most advanced AI.

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Clara will suggest you the best suited specialist to help you. You can book an appointment with doctors near you within minutes.

Democratizing Healthcare

Half of the world population do not have access to healthcare. Our healthcare system is reaching its full capacity. We want to democratize healthcare by making a more efficient process. With help of artificial intelligence we hope to make the health consultation process more efficient, allowing access to healthcare to thousands of people.

How it works

We use the most advanced artifical intelligence to analyze your symptoms and decide the most probable conditions. Our technology is powered by Deep Learning, a branch of artificial intelligence inspired by the functioning of our brains. Our model learned by reading thousands of medical articles and medical records. Based on that knowledge we can analyze your symptoms written in natural language and help you find the most suited specialists.

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